At Long Wharf Real Estate Partners, we rehabilitate, reposition and develop real estate in order to create value for our investors. As a manager of institutional capital, our activities have a significant impact on the communities where we operate, and as a result, we have a responsibility to our investors and other stakeholders to integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment process. We believe that active environmental stewardship and a commitment to the cities where we invest will best position us to create value for our investors. We also maintain a commitment to ensure that our organization and the groups we invest with operate according to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Long Wharf Real Estate Partners is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.

Long Wharf is dedicated to real estate investment and management strategies that create value for our clients. As part of this mission, we look for opportunities to advance an environmentally sustainable future.  Specifically, we are focused on a) operational and utility efficiency measures that increase cash flow and reduce obsolescence risk across our portfolio, and b) obtaining certification in nationally recognized programs (LEED & Energy Star) that are valued by tenants and future buyers.

Long Wharf promotes positive social change by supporting our employees in their effort to give back.  Social engagement is realized through charitable donations, volunteering and fundraising for a variety of worthy causes, including children’s organizations and educational programs.

Governance, Transparency & Reporting
Long Wharf strives to maintain a clear alignment of interests between our employees, our investors and our local operating partners. We are also committed to maintaining the highest standards of transparency with our investors and communicating with absolute honesty and candor.

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